First Time Playing With My New Dog

When I got Krieg I’d never had any real life experience with bestiality before. I’ve had a few dogs in my life, sure, so I knew how to take care of them, but I’d never done anything with them. I guess all I needed was some encouragement.

I’d posted to the Kingdom’s Google Group that I’d gotten a new bull mastiff and I’d love someone to help me have some taboo fun with him.

Luckily one of my callers called me up to give me a helping hand. You know who you are. Love ya Daddy!

When he called me up he told his baby girl exactly what to do. He guided me to spread that thick, creamy peanut butter all over the outside of my juicy sweet pussy lips.

At first it felt a little weird. I wasn’t used to such a rough tongue against my tight, bald hole. But, as he lapped at my juices it began to feel oh so good! I moaned as his hot tongue met my pussy and his cold, wet nose moved up and down against my swollen clit.

Then Daddy told me to get on all fours so Krieg could mount me. The first time he’s ever fucked me he slid his hard, slimy, dog knot into my tight little ass.

I couldn’t believe how incredibly hot and naughty it was.



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