Part 2: Raping Daryl Dixon

Ass rape? Daryl? He’s too much of a bad ass for that shit! Well, that’s kind of the idea. Making a big, tough, sexy guy like him submit to me willingly or not.

So, with that being said, where were we? Right, right.

His mouth was level to my pulsing pussy.

I undid my tight jeans, slid down my zipper, and put my knife to his neck again. “Pull them down.” I ordered in a demanding tone. Without looking anywhere but ahead he grabbed the hips of my jeans and pulled them down. “That’s a good boy.” I said with a sneer.

After I ordered him to stay right there I stepped out of my jeans and pulled out a harness with a big, thick dildo out of the side table drawer. Strapping it on I shoved the head of it into his mouth. He gagged and choked on it out of reflex, but his eyes never met mine. His eyes rolled and he looked like he was staring into space; his mind far from the here and now.

Frustrated I again grabbed him by his hair. I turned him around and shoved his face into the bed. Resting my blade against the back of his neck I slid the head of the strap on right into his tight, puckered ass. I expected him to cry out. To jump. Something. Anything.  When nothing happened I rammed my cock harder, faster, and deeper into his tight little hole. When I lifted his head up by his hair I saw the tears flowing from his eyes, but he still wouldn’t look at me.

It was then that I realized I was making progress.


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